Side Tables for hire from Moments in Vintage

  • TAB012-1920s Style Hall Table

    1920s Style Hall Table


  • VIN006-Bushells Tea Chest

    Bushells Tea Chest


  • TAB029 Carved Side Table

    Carved Side Table – Medium


  • TAB028 Carved Side Table Small

    Carved Side Table – Small


  • TAB021 Fluted Edge Coffee Table Trio

    Fluted Edge Coffee Table Trio


  • CHA028 Recycled timber cube seating

    Recycled timber cube seating


  • TAB017-White and Black Top Side Table with Drawer

    Side Table with Drawer


  • TAB011 Small Inlay Pedestal Table

    Small Inlay Pedestal Table


  • TAB008-Small Pedestal Table

    Small Pedestal Table


  • TAB035 Small White Pedestal Table

    Small White Pedestal Table


  • TAB007-Telephone Table

    Telephone Table


  • TAB002-Turned Leg Pedestal Table

    Turned Leg Pedestal Table


  • TAB027 Claw Foot Console Table

    White Clawfoot Console Table