About Us

What happens when two vintage-crazy, perfectionist Virgos fall in love?  Awesome vintage weddings of course!  The creative team from Moments in Vintage is driven by owner Tisa and her husband Todd.  We treat every event with utmost importance and know just how essential it is to get the details just right.

What began as our personal collection of family memorabilia and some of our favourite found objects, our love for vintage and antique furniture and décor pieces quickly evolved into something more.  When Todd surprised me with a proposal we both knew right away that vintage would play a huge part of the styling of our wedding.  Why?  For us vintage isn’t a trend or fad, it is both our heritage and our legacy to pass forward to our children.  What better way to honour the family members you love than to treasure and display the very items that once were part of their everyday lives?

But it was the response from other couples who’d seen images from our wedding that prompted us to continue to grow our collection and establish Moments in Vintage.  We’re now very proud and humbled to be the premier genuine vintage and antique furniture and décor hire business in South East Queensland.  Without those brides and grooms who asked and asked and asked again if they could hire pieces from us we wouldn’t be here today.  We thank you!

Meet Tisa – Event Stylist & OwnerTisa Davey www.momentsinvintage.com.au Image by Karen Buckle Photography

I’m guessing you may have already figured out that I just LOVE vintage but here is a little about me you might not know.

I love:

  • My hubby and three incredibly beautiful daughters.  (I’m not biased, really)
  • Singing showtunes from my favourite movie musicals at the top of my lungs. (Come on I know you do it too!)
  • Slumming it in my favourite paint covered cargo pants.  (Why is it that the comfiest clothes are the first to get paint on them??)
  • Butterflies, unicorns and kittens.  (Enough said)
  • Watching others get their ‘creative’ on.  (I’m always inspired by the cleverness of others)
  • Making people smile
  • Baskin and Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream
  • Old movies, fluffy blankets and popcorn. (All at the same time especially on rainy days)
  • Exclamation marks!!!!!

Not so much:

  •  Morning.  (Why does it always come so soon? I’d be totally fine with it if it started around 10am)
  • Drivers who don’t use their indicator.  (It’s not just a decorative element people!)
  • Running.  (Although I would definitely run after the last chocolate bar on earth.  Let’s hope that situation never happens, it sounds messy)
  • Unpacking suitcases.  (Seriously is there ANYONE who likes that?)
Meet Todd – Operations & Construction ManagerTodd Davey www.momentsinvintage.com.au Image by Karen Buckle Photography

For us, vintage is elegant beauty that is timeless and brings out the regal warmth of times that inspired so many new and creative ideas that changed the world.  The craftsmanship of the furniture and décor items from these times can only be admired and respected.  This is why I love vintage the way I do and why it stands the test of time. When I sit on one of our exquisite lounges I often wonder who made it, who has used it, what stories could it tell…

Starting Moments in Vintage was one of the biggest surprises of my life to that point. Not because we hadn’t considered running our own business before, but because so much interest was shown by others in what I thought was our relatively unique vintage inspired wedding. Having had numerous requests from brides who had seem photos of our special day wanting to buy or hire items from our personal collection was inspiring and it was that inspiration that birthed Moments in Vintage.

I Love:

  • My family, my inspirational wife Tisa and our three awesome daughters who have all had a role to play in setting up Moments in Vintage. Particularly our youngest who just loves vintage bric-a-brac and has already started making plans to take over the family business.
  • Building unique pieces for a bride and groom and see it help make their day all that more special (even if it means working all night to get it right),
  • See the joy on the faces of our clients when they see their wedding ceremony or reception styling for the first time.
  • Old cars and motorbikes. One day I hope to add vintage limousine services to our offering.
  • Storms. Mother Nature’s fury in all its beauty. Ok, yes they are destructive and I feel for those who are impacted by them, but even then you see the good in the human spirit when we all band together to help those who need it.

I don’t love:

  • Scorching hot days when you sweat just because you are breathing,
  • Mozzies GRRRRRR slap!
  • Inconsiderate people. Be it the Slow Walker who just has to block the walkway and dawdle along, the Right Lane Slug who sits in the right lane doing 10ks under the speed limit, or the Merge Blocker who just can’t afford to let one car merge in front.  To these people I simply say ‘grrrr’.