Yikes! My wedding isn’t trendy enough!

For Pete’s sake, here we go again. As usual at this time of year, it’s wedding shaming time. What the heck am I talking about? Articles like 14 Wedding Trends to Avoid in 2017 posted by VOGUE recently and a whole bunch I’ve seen before with titles like “Wedding trends we hope will die”, “Even though we’ve posted 10 billion images/blog posts/articles about how you should do this thing, we now think you’re a jerk if you do this”, “Your wedding isn’t trendy enough” or “Everyone will think you are boring if you choose these things for your wedding”. Ok these may be a slight exaggeration!

Articles like this go on to bash everything that was cool the previous year & berate anyone who might choose something so ridiculously outdated. Well jaded event planner/wedding blogger/magazine editor, I’m here to tell you one thing. In case you didn’t notice, a wedding is a kinda one-off event. We don’t get to go back for a re-do of that particular moment of our lives. So if I like god-damn flower crowns, I’m gonna wear a god-damn flower crown! Maybe you’ve seen 1000 of them and feel over it, but that is completely irrelevant to OUR wedding. Your stupid trends are NOT important unless they happen to strum the heartstrings of a particular couple.


Weddings, just like everything else in life should be about authenticity and be an expression of the couple’s love. Perhaps even your first full-blown attempt at blending your styles to create a new kind of beautiful that is meaningful and memorable for you.

So here’s my list of What to Avoid at your 2017 Wedding:

  1. Arrogant wedding blogs/magazines/suppliers who care more about trends than your personal style.
  2. Anyone and I mean anyone who shames you for liking what you like.
  3. Trends that really don’t speak to you and your fiancee.

Ok, rant over. Now back to holidays!



Flower crown by Northside Flower Market. Hair & Makeup by Velbella. Image by Millyjane.


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