Without you, this would never have happened. So thanks for giving me vintage!

Vintage means an awful lot to me as I’m sure you’ve probably guessed.  In my eyes it’s more than a selection of pretty furniture and bits and pieces, it goes much deeper.  Why? Well that’s going to take a bit of explaining!

Peachy Vintage Styled Shoot www.momentsinvintage.com.au

Styling & Valencia Sofa by Tisa of Moments in Vintage.  Image by Amy Steed Photography. Gown by Begitta Bridal & Couture.  Flowers by Floral Fantasies.  Hair & Makeup by Kellie McCallum.


I see the history of these pieces.  I imagine the people who’ve owned them, who sat on them, used them.  I wonder about their lives, about their families and children.  I imagine the day to day, the emotion, the good, the bad and the indifferent.  Everything that these pieces might have seen captures my imagination.  Oh the stories they would tell, the background they could give on events of the past if only they had a voice!

Picnic by Hanging Sweets www.momentsinvintage.com.au

Australia’s Sweetest Morning Tea 2013 entry – Steamer Trunk & Vintage Decor by Moments in Vintage.  Styling by Memories Are Sweet, Photography by Shirley Dowling Photography, Desserts by Velvetier.


Sometimes I know part of their story.  For me that’s nothing short of magic.   Being able to share and honour that history means the world to me.  To be able to share and add to that history through those pieces becoming part of YOUR history, in your wedding images, fills my heart with joy!  To know that these items of furniture or decor, sometimes neglected and forgotten, now have a new life and are loved again as they should be is just wonderful to me.


Earl Grey Sofa by Moments in Vintage.  Image Matt Rowe Photography.  Suit by Suits Direct.  Model: Jarrod Slater.

I love each piece as if it had belonged to a member of my own family.  I feel a real and solid connection to them.  It’s tangible at least to me.  When it comes time to select, mix and blend elements together to create vignettes, they speak to me, call my name and sometimes have their own little battle (ala ‘The Voice’) to be selected to be a part of something special.  I can’t even explain my joy in knowing that you’ll be looking at photos of yourselves on one of our sofas for example, in 5, 10, 20 and even more years’ time!  The items you choose will forever be a part of your history too, where your children and grandchildren will look back at those images and know something of you from a time before they existed.

 Real Bride Danielle photographed on our Earl Grey Sofa by Hannah of Lost in Wishful Thinking.  Gown by Grace Loves Lace.  Flowers by Blossom & Twine.


I also love the fact that we’re a little bit ‘green’.  Reduce, re-use, repurpose & recycle is a mantra we follow here.  Why?  Because we believe in the health of the planet.  We believe that using materials with a past life gives more life to our new creations.  We love the finish and life that comes with recycled materials. We love knowing that we’re making a contribution to the future of our earth.  It’s also heaps of fun trying to work out how we can re-use parts to create something interesting, new and unique.

Lavender & Old Lace Styled Shoot www.momentsinvintage.com.au

Designed & built by the Moments in Vintage team from recycled materials is our Old Lace Ceremony Package.  Image by Marion Jonkers Photography, Flowers by Willow Bud, Gown by Marilyn Crystelle Bridal, Suit by Suits Direct.

With all that said and as lovely as it all is, I’m not quite telling you the full truth here.  Everything above is true and written from my heart but what has captured my passion and makes my heart skip a beat is the opportunity it’s given me to do what I love.  Creating beautiful scenes, atmosphere & experiences for you and your guests brings me more joy than I could have believed possible a few years ago.  What I adore is creating something special and unique that reflects the personalities of my clients.  I strive to create an event that your guests will remember with a smile.

Alice & Tom April 2014 Styled Wedding www.momentsinvintage.com.auAlice & Tom Styled Wedding April 2014 www.momentsinvintage.com.au

Alice & Tom’s Real Wedding.  Styling & Vintage Furniture from Moments in Vintage.  Flowers by Green & Bloom.  Image by Terri of We are Twine.  Venue: Topiaries at Beaumont

I’ve always wondered what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I mean, how hard is that to work out?  Well finally at the age of 39 I found it!  And every part I love.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a dream life.  It’s hard physical work lifting and moving heavy furniture at all hours of the day and night.  It can be stressful, exhausting and occasionally (although thankfully not often) frustrating.  But it’s so incredibly rewarding,

The past (almost) two years have been an incredible journey.  I feel very fortunate to be invited to be a part of what is such an important day in your lives.  Thank you for giving me to opportunity to help create something beautiful and thank you too for helping me find my true direction in life!


I’ll be seeing you,

xx Tisa xx



  1. Hi Tisa, Well you certainly didn’t have to worry about your first blog! It is a great read taking me back in time and the photos with your pieces are quite stunning. Congrats to you :) you can certainly feel your passion of your job in your writing!

    • Vandra what a beautiful thing to say! Thank you very much. I certainly do have a passion that I feel very deeply and I’m so glad you can feel that in my writing! I’m really looking forward to our project together. Can’t wait!

  2. A great first post Tisa! Your insight into your brides wedding day is as priceless as your stunning pieces.

    I am so excited to hear more about your adventures!

  3. Beautiful site, beautiful work, and beautiful words! I hope I get to photograph some of your pieces in action one day!!! x